Fantasia Overdose: Singer 'stable' after OD on aspirin and sleep aid, says rep.

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( First, the Fantasia sextape scandal, and now news of a Fantasia overdose! TMZ is reporting that former American Idol Fantasia Barrino overdosed on "a combination of aspirin and a sleep aid" Monday night. Apparently, the Fantasia overdose came about because the singer was feeling "overwhelmed" by the events of the past few days. 
Fantasia Overdose A Cry For Help...or Publicity For Her New Album?
According to TMZ, a rep for the 2004 American Idol winner said Tuesday that the Fantasia overdose did not result in a life-threatening injury. The singer was reportedly treated at a hospital for dehydration and exhaustion. The Fantasia overdose comes on the heels of many recent celebrity deaths involving prescription medications. Fantasia's rep did not indicate what sleep aid the singer took, or whether or not the medication was over-the-counter or prescription.
Apparently, the stress of a lawsuit, a possible Fantasia sextape release and public outcry at her scandalous relationship were just too much for Fantasia Barrino to handle. However, what remains unclear is whether or not the Monday night overdose was intentional. Was Fantasia desperate over the Antwaun Cook situation, and looking for a way out? Did the singer really just want to go to sleep?
Or is there more behind the Fantasia overdose, and the Fantasia sextape? Could this all be perfectly timed to coincide with the singer's new album, due out later this month? What do you think? Tucson resident Sean Thomason summed up his thoughts on this week's troubling Fantasia news: "Whatever's going on, it's not worth dying over. This time it might have been nothing, but if this girl is seriously distraught, I hope someone's watching out for her. A sextape is a joke, but an overdose is serious."
To read the full statement from Fantasia's rep on her overdose Monday night, which includes a detailed timeline of her relationship with Antwaun Cook, as well as a plug for her new album, "Back To Me", click here!

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