Canada Self Defense - Col. Russell WIlliams Murder Of Marie France Comeau

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Belleville -- On the night he held her hostage and killed her, Col. Russell Williams took numerous pictures of Corporal Marie France Comeau.
In a Belleville courtroom, Crown attorney Robert Morrison detailed the events which took place in Cpl. Comeau's home before the colonel killed her.
Col. Williams took photos and video of himself, as well as Cpl. Comeau.
At one point, Cpl. Comeau pleaded with him to leave and to "undo her hands because it's tight and she won't go anywhere."
During the evening, Col. Williams checked the front window to see if anyone was coming. At that time, Cpl. Comeau fled to an en suite bathroom. Court heard Col. Williams chased her and struck her repeatedly.

The Crown said Cpl. Comeau can be heard on the tape, in a muffled voice, "I don't want to die. I don't want to die.
As Col. Williams tried to suffocate Cpl. Comeau with a pillow, she ran away, screaming she did not want to die.
"Even though she was bound with duct tape, she still fought him off," said Mr. Morrison.
Sniffles could be heard in the courtroom as Mr. Morrison read details of the murder.
During the four-hour attack and multiple rapes, Col. Williams told Cpl. Comeau to remain quiet, that if she did so, he would let her breathe.
Cpl. Comeau replied "you are going to kill me, aren't you."
She repeated over and over that she did not want to die, saying "I don't deserve to die."
The Crown said Cpl. Comeau tried to negotiate with her attacker, telling him she wouldn't tell anyone that he was there.
At that point, Col. Williams walked up to her and placed duct tape over her nose. She asked him to "please have a heart."
After killing her, the Crown attorney said Col. Williams began washing bed sheets to remove any evidence he was in the home.
Police later found photos on Col. Williams' computer, taken of Cpl. Comeau about 3:30 a.m., the time she died, and photos taken of her 30 minutes later.
Col. Williams also took pictures of himself using bleach to wash the sheets.
After killing her, Col. Williams placed Cpl. Comeau's body on her bed and covered her with a duvet. He took her undergarments and left through patio doors at back of her Brighton home. He left the door unlocked when he left.
Col. Williams did not return to CFB Trenton after the murder but drove directly to Ottawa where he had a meeting to attend. Along the way, he discarded the shoes and rope he used that evening.
Cpl. Comeau's boyfriend discovered her body later that day after he went to the home when she did not show up for a dinner they had planned.

The Crown said he knocked on the door of the home but eventually went to the back of the house where he found her body on the bed.
At that point, a number of people left the courtroom.
The Crown said Col. Williams admitted killing Cpl. Comeau because "he thought that if she informed police about her assault, they might suspect him," given the proximity, military connection and previous crimes.
Evidence collected by police included movie files uploaded Nov. 30 and photos dated Nov 29, 2009 of undergarments stolen from Cpl. Comeau's home. Another computer folder contained screen shots showing news websites reporting on the corporal's death.

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