Magnetic Field and Railway Accidents In crossings

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Train travelImage via WikipediaActually this news is old, the trigger was an accident at a train crossing in 2004. But lately, the news back into material that is often transmitted through a chain email. According to this news, accidents at railway crossing occurs because the magnetic fields that propagate from the position of trains through the rail.
... "Wheels KA of type ferritic steel, has a very strong magnetic fields. Ferritic steel is the best magnetic than the other types of steel, "said Djoko. ...
"Because the rotation of the wheels are very fast and high it is, then the magnetic field will be developed first. Can reach 600 feet forward, "... However, he said, not all train wheels using ferritic steel type this.
Unfortunately, Djoko does not have the data what percentage of railway wheels in Indonesia using the type ferritic steel in Indonesia. "Oh yes we do not know. We have not been down that way, "he explained.
... "Actually it's easy really. At each crossing of the railway should be made a ground that connects rails with the local soil. That will get rid of the magnetic field. I think the big train crossings that already exist. Do not know again that in the outposts, "...

... "My gasoline-fueled vehicles. still using platinum and CDI. If exposed to a magnetic field, then pengapiannya be affected so that the engine can die. Also accunya strength was 12 volts. While it is different solar. In addition to above 12 volts accunya also does not use platinum. It is based on the theory of magnetic field, "...
... "I was a kid if you want to make a knife from a nail just put the nail on the tracks that run over by trains. It turned out that despite very strong vibration, but the nails do not fall from the rail That's the strength of the magnetic field is very strong, "...
So, what if the vehicle suddenly stalled on the tracks, in order to avoid ramming KA? The best step to do: push your vehicle from the railway tracks. After that, you just try to revive your car engine.
Is it true as they say? I own a hard time believing this kind of explanation. First, I can not find other opinions on the Internet that can confirm this theory. Secondly, if this theory is true, it would be much more often we have witnessed an accident at a train crossing. And lastly, it is much simpler and more likely to conventional opinion: the car can strike anywhere, either in place of train crossings and elsewhere. Occam's razor says that if there are several explanations, the simplest explanation is usually preferable and likely the most appropriate.
Problem affairs roller crush object by using the train, I also often do it. Incidentally the place to stop public transportation home when school is located near the railroad tracks. Usually things become 'victims' are coins, matchboxes, chewing gum, and so forth. These objects remain in the rail to run over but sometimes fall before being degraded, and this does not depend on whether the object is ferromagnetic or not.
While the suggestion that email to push the car may have been appropriate, but it may be difficult to push the car in the middle of railroad crossings alone. If the car battery and the starter motor is still functioning, it might be better to promote the car little by little by using the starter.

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