Swimming With Dolphins and A Shark Attack!

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Great white shark. Photo by Terry Goss, copyri...Image via WikipediaWhat a weekend! Too bad it had to end, because today the Sarah Palin media blitz began. I'll get to that waste of brain matter in a minute, but here's a quick recap of the weekend:

Drove up to Santa Barbara...managed to avoid a speeding ticket despite a few close calls.

Eva, Bine & I hung out with Rob & August all day Saturday; enjoying: 

Beach volleyball (I was the photographer).
A beached sea lion that had been attacked by a Great White Shark (we were told).
Swimming with dolphins....when Bine saw them she immediately ran into the water andswam to them, even getting bruised by a dorsal fin in the process.
Another spectacular Santa Barbara sunset.

A Filipino barbecue courtesy of grillmaster Rob, who has been a "friend in my head" for years and is now the real thing!

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