Control with Xbox Kinect Gestures

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technology, Microsoft, Xbox, Kinect,, CBS, Arts, CBS Music GroupImage by taijin Jung via has announced that its Xbox service will be functional with new Kinect motion controller.

With the Kinect system, listeners will be able to control their music through both motion and voice. A station can be queued by hovering a hand over its respective tile. Users can also use voice commands like “Xbox, play,” and “Xbox, stop,” to control the audio.

David Goodman, president of CBS Music Group, said:

“Working with Microsoft to develop and launch the updated app which is optimized for Kinect navigation, provides users with an innovative, and engaging music discovery and personalized radio experience powered by’s recommendations on a next generation entertainment gaming platform.”

The question we have is: How might with Kinect be put to use in crowded rooms or at parties? With everyone flailing spastically, it’s likely that the music will begin cycling wildly. While there is probably some sort of lock to prevent this from happening, it could entirely reinvent the “random play” function.

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