What’s The Easiest Way To Use Mapquest Driving Directions?

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mapquest maps, google driving directions, yahoo driving directions, driving directions, mapquest.com driving, rand mcnally directions, mapquest mileage, mapquest europeImage via WikipediaFor anyone who drives a lot forbusiness or pleasure, there are certain necessities. One is, of course gas. For that you will need to stop at a station. Another is certainly patience. That is developed in numerous ways. The final and very important thing needed isdirections. And, a great tool for that is MapQuest driving directions.
MapQuest.com is a comprehensive website that enables users to input a location and find it most places in the world or input several locations within the U. S., Canada and Europe and find directions from one place to another. These are the fundamental services it is known for but is also has related uses that come in very handy.
When you are traveling you can simply go to MapQuest, plot out your trip, be it one destination, two or ten and it will connect the dots with MapQuest driving directions. It produces a map of the route, written directions including miles, names of streets, visual representations of directions, time estimate and total miles. Once you have what you need, you can print it (with or without the map), save it, send, link or embed it and you are set to go.
Some other useful features of MapQuest.com include the ability to find spots of interest like restaurants or state parks near your destinations. If you don’t like what it suggests, you can tell it to avoid a step or two and it will recalculate the route for you. You can also instruct it to avoid highways, toll roads or seasonally closed roads. Directions can be calculated by shortest time or shortest distance. And, it also can help you calculate fuel ‘ so, it does help with the gas.
MapQuest has brand new features as well, which are street level imagery, providing 360 views, it lets you save maps and directions to your Blackberry and phones, it has one-click searches for attractions and points of interest and provides reports form the MapQuest Driving Directions blog. You can go to the MapQuest main page to find links to local news, gas prices and Yellow Pages. Those who become a member or have an AOL account can also save maps and directions, eliminating the need to type them in every time you need MapQuest driving directions or maps.
More and more people are avoiding using cell phones in cars for safety reasons but there are ways to use them safely. If you do, MapQuest driving directions are at your fingertips. It is especially easy with the MapQuest driving directions phone apps like the turn-by-turn for the iPhone.
For those who don’t like to use your cell phone in the car or when it is illegal to do so, you are left with visiting a computer first and printing out where you need to go. It’s easy, especially with the numerous free apps that you can add to a blog if you have one and the new MapQuest driving directions toolbar. However, if you are phoneless, a GPS in the car can save time. But, then again, MapQuest is free and purchasing a GPS is not.
Although it may not have data for the whole world yet, they are working on it. If you are one of those people who travels a lot and, most everyone is nowadays or if are a cartophile, MapQuest can prove very helpful.
Traveling reps, entertainers, house-call physicians or anybody that drives to different locations to do their work on a regular basis are always in need of a few things- gasoline, patience and MapQuest driving directions. More info now on http://www.funandsafedriving.com/mapquest-1.html
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