Cheesecakes for Health Buffs

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The last dish that comes to a dieter’s mind is the
cheesecake. It contains large amounts of calories due
to its dairy content and more if toppings are added.
However, no one ever said that you cannot have a cake
and eat it too. No matter what the occasion is, be it
holidays or birthdays, it is never complete without a

Traditional cheesecake recipes are often loaded with
sugar and fat aside from calories, which could be
detrimental to the cardiovascular health. This can
take away some of the joy out of consuming and
enjoying a dessert. Fortunately, there are several
ways of cooking cheesecakes, which have transformed
the usual recipe by cutting back on the white flour
and limiting the use of ingredients that have
full-fat. These kinds of recipe create healthier
substitutions that will surely satisfy anyone’s sweet

About Healthy Cheesecakes

Although the calcium content of cheesecakes is good
for the bone structure, almost all cheesecake treats
are not exactly light cooking. For instance, the New
York style cheesecake calls for heavy amounts of cream
cheese, five eggs, two yolks and cream. It is hard to
admit that cheesecakes are untouchable - and
uneatable- for health conscious individuals.

The absolute triumph in cheesecake history is the
creation of breakthrough recipes that still match the
traditional cheesecake recipe in texture and richness
while cutting the fat by half. Not only are the
fillings healthy in these kinds of cheesecakes but the
crusts too. There are also other kinds of cheesecake
that are designed for diabetics. These kinds of
culinary breakthrough are helpful to those who cannot
enjoy the delight of desserts after a meal.

However, even if the cheesecake is safe enough to eat
for dieters, the most important thing to remember is
moderation. Limit the cheesecake consumption to a
single slice per week. In this way, not only would you
enjoy the delight that the cheesecake brings but also
help you maintain your weight.

Healthy Cheesecake Example

A popular example of a healthy cheesecake is the
low-fat baked cheesecake. In this kind of recipe,
low-fat cream is used, as well as sugar and eggs

For the ingredients, you will need nine-inch reduced
fat graham cracker crust, one-fourth cup skim milk,
one-half cup of egg substitute, two to eight ounces of
fat free cream cheese bars, two tablespoons flour, six
packets of artificial sweetener or one-fourth cup of
Splenda sugar, two teaspoon lemon juice and one
teaspoon vanilla.

In preparing the low-fat baked cheesecake, first
preheat the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. By using a
mixer, combine the flour and milk while keeping the
mixing speed at low. Gently add the cream cheese and
then increase the mixing speed to medium. While still
mixing, add the artificial sweetener or Splenda, egg
substitute, vanilla and lemon juice. Pour the batter
into the crust and bake for at least forty minutes.
Wait until the cheesecake’s center is set. Always
remember to chill the dessert before serving

Despite of it being fat-free and only uses one type of
cheese, the low-fat baked cheesecake is actually
edible. One-fourth piece of each ingredient have the
nutritional facts of 256 calories, .9 grams of fat, 32
grams of carbohydrates, .9 grams of fiber and 22.7
grams of protein. This kind of cheesecake is
absolutely essential for those who want to enjoy the
delight of the cheesecake while avoiding health risks
and probably weight gain.

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